"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Garden of the Gods

Forgetting the 14 hours of driving on the day prior, we stopped in Colorado Springs at Kathleen's recommendation. Garden of the Gods is a wonder of spectacular rock formations that just seem to grow up in this one specific area.

Their once horizontal lines were transformed into interesting uplift angles
that jut into the sky by Pike's Peak that sits just to the west.

We wandered in and among the jagged peaks that reached for the sky.
Faces and carvings seemed to emerge among the shadows and edges of the cliffs.
Named "kissing camels" and "cathedral rocks", these formations were beautiful
and majestic.

Climbers use these rocks for improve their skills.
We watched in amazement as they faced the challenges.

We stayed soundly on the sidewalk...

but, risk-taker that he is, Shoeless Joe faced his own challenges.

Art students from all over the country were scattered about.
Part of a seminar, they sketched the beauty around them.
Shoeless made friends with the cutest ones.

Seeing this van in the parking lot reminded me of Kathleen's geology trip during college days.
She learned of the wonders of the Garden of the Gods on that whirlwind trip and, because of that, suggested we take the time to stop here, too. What a good thing for us.
Time spent here was a remarkable way to begin our day.
Our spirits lifted by by the lifting rocks, we climbed in the car and headed north again.

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