"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trucks Keep Truckin'

Disclaimer: Credit for the photos on this blogpost go the driver extraordinaire.
He positioned the car at just the right angles
and speeds (I won't even confess the mph to you)
to permit me to take each picture.

We noted some fascinating pieces of equipment being hauled on these northern highways.
Much discussion revolved around exactly what they were and how they worked.
We were impressed with the length of the blades for the wind generators and huge round discs with giant fans in them (we suspected they were part of silos) but I couldn't get good pictures of those. Sorry. I know how disappointed you are.

We recognized that these were tires, of course...

but we'd NEVER seen any this size before.

These were rather typical pieces of construction equipment (my 3-year-old grandson would know immediately what they are called and their purpose), but what puzzles me is why that roadsign reads "east"??!! I don't recall ever going in that direction at all on this trip.

Now here's a large and complicated machine...
Any guesses???

And a trailer hauling a trailer with coordinating colors.

This truck isn't hauling, but we thought it quite out of place on this lonely stretch of highway way up in northern Canada. Many stretches didn't have any lines in the center of the road, never mind the edges. But there he was, DOT worker 100 miles away from anyplace just doing his job.

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  1. We see a lot of trucks like this each day driving home. Trucks headed up the Haul road and to the North Slope. We always love to guess what they are carrying.