"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Colorful Colorado

By the time we turned off the engine on the first day
the odometer read 810 miles
and we had reached Pueblo, Colorado.
We'd also gained an hour of daylight, crossing the first of 3 time zones.

I chose this particular license plate for the accompanying bumper sticker.
In a galaxy far, far away we enjoyed a great evening with friends at the
Dog Team Tavern in Vermont. Small world.

Colorado is a beautiful state as the welcome sign reminded us:
"Welcome to Colorful Colorado".
That is the actual translation of the Spanish word "colorado".

Shortly after entering the state, we met up with the southern edge of the
Rocky Mountains, new friends we would share the road with for thousands of miles
in the next few days and eventually cross in northern British Columbia.
The heights we climbed in Southern Colorado were rather dizzying after all the hours of flatness.

If you care about reading a bit of history of this spot,
just double click on this picture and it will enlarge for you.

Here is a shot of the GPS screen on one such climb before we even reached
the summit of over 8,000 feet.
Our GPS provided us with lots of interesting info along our journey--far more than just the directions "Follow highlighted route" and "Recalculating"...
We chose the eagle to represent our car and she flew steadily for all of the miles we covered, flapping her wings rhythmically with her shadow following below.

The Colorado air felt fresher and cooler and the pungent fragrance of pines made us giddy.
The tall trees and mountains created lengthening shadows and color shading.
Shoeless stopped panting and we smiled a bit more, despite our road weariness.
Time in the sauna and hot tub and a clean, comfortable motel room
made for a wonderful ending to day 1 of our Northern Journey.

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