"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Montana Means Mountain en Espanol.

After a brief blog in the present tense (ie: July4), we now go back to chronicle the events and sights of the amazing journey from Texas to Alaska during June...


Continuing on into Montana, the roads were still great--wide, smooth and empty.
(Now those are MY kind of driving conditions!)
(I wonder if "Lil Chix" knows her registration is due to expire this month???)

The Rockies were even more visible from this state and we never ceased to admire them.
The greens of the trees and grasses, blue of the skies, grays of the mountains and the white of the snowcapped peaks were almost too much to take in.

Jack noticed that there were acres upon acres of dry, dead looking pines in the mountains along the highway. We pondered this awhile. Dead pines make quickly ignitable tinder, just the thing for bad forest fires.

The miles were pleasant ones through Montana.
Stress-free driving and great vistas.
Ranch after ranch of free range cattle and horses.
Hours for careless conversation as the miles collected in our pockets.

We never saw speed limit signs nor police cars.
As Hillary remarked once, "You can go as fast as you want to!"
So, we did!
But don't tell anyone...

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