"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Moment of Magic

We had an anniversary the other day.
The years have added up for us 
since that wedding day in June long ago.
But alas, the celebrations have been few.
For many years something prevented us from even being together on the date.
It began the year our youngest was born.
 I was in the hospital for that 9th anniversary.
Then Jack spent many years at camp in Massachusetts
while I remained at home in New York.
More recently I have been in Alaska while he was in Texas.
And so had become our habit not to celebrate...

Until this year!


We planned to make up for these historic lacks and went to
San Antonio for a getaway celebration.

The night of our anniversary was magical!
Oh- not the sparkly, take-your-breath-away kind of stage magic 
that involves flames and drum rolls.
Rather an evening of quiet "specialness"...

It began high up in the tower restaurant at the grounds of the former World's Fair.

 The view from our window table was
wonderful and we watched the evening sky dim...
(rather breathtaking...)

And the lights of the city begin to glow.
In one hour the rotating restaurant had gone 360 degrees
 so we viewed all of San Antonio and its surroundings.
At least once!
(quite sparkling...)

There was a small, tented note lying on linen tablecloth that read "VIP"
but we didn't pay it much mind as we selected from the many choices on the menu.

Then one of us noticed the name on the top of said menu.
It was personalized!  This was OUR menu.
We are the "Davis Party".
(Drum roll, please)

And for the final touch of magic,
a copy of our menu was lying by the candle,
rolled up with a ribbon.  To keep as a souvenir.

The great food was accompanied by countless smiles,
sighs and comfortable conversation 
that comes from years of being married.   
We were in no rush to leave.

You know, as I ponder the evening--it was the sparkling,
breathtaking kind of magic, after all!