"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Few More...

This post is a "Part 2" of signs.
Today's signs are more geared to road conditions.
My grandson Cash will get a kick out of identifying these, which he probably will even though he is only 3 years old and can't even read. But he love, love, loves trucks!


If you look in the distance you will see the mountain peaks.
This gives you a little indication of the high elevations of the road.
And what goes up must come down...
and then go up again.
This picture isn't very clear, but this sign says:
Now, I don't specifically know the difference between a hill and a mountain.
But, I daresay this is more than a steep "hill".

Just the thought of the big trucks on these narrow and winding roads gives me the chills.
Then when I consider the ice and snow pack under their tires--oh, my!
That's why they all carry chains.

It must be so slow and tedious to stop in the bitter cold of winter to
put on chains to climb or descend and then stop again to remove them.
But that is exactly what is done by these lonely truckers.

The following signs are pictures only.
I love the images.

This one has that solar panel to surround it in flashing lights.
That sharp curve to the bridge can mean trouble!

Whenever we saw this particular sign we were reminded of our neighbor Bob who was traveling to the Four Corners of the US at the same time we were driving north.
Only he was on a motorcycle for his long trip.
I hope he didn't have too many of these iron grate bridges to cross.
Looks like they could knock a few dental fillings loose.

Pretty obvious, huh?
What do you think, Cash?

And my favorite one of all:
It look me several signs like this before I got the meaning.
I somehow thought it was a truck rushing and crashing into a wall.
That's really not the meaning, of course.
Are you a better guesser than I am, dear reader?

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