"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Friday, July 29, 2011

Shoeless Joe Has His Say

In the quiet words of Shoeless Joe:
We'd spent too many days just driving and driving.
We finally found an evening to take a long walk..
I really wanted a swim in the Yukon River but restrained myself.
It was nearly midnight and nobody wanted a wet-dog smell in the motel room all night.
It sure looked tempting, though.

I wasn't all that impressed with the SS Klondike, even though it was the largest ship on the Yukon. After all, the big load of 300 tons it carried caused it to run aground in 1936.
How dumb was that?!

These bear-proof garbage cans don't allow a hungry dog to search for treats.

I thought these little log houses were sort of odd-looking between the modern buildings.
Then I learned they were the original homes in Whitehorse and way older than I.
As long as my owners were with me, I wouldn't mind staying in here overnight.
We didn't, though. Had a nice room with a view from a window I could stand and look out of.
That was pretty neat.

This statue of a gold-miner in search of his fortune stands downtown.

Even though I didn't have a backpack like the husky, I could walk in step with him and be his buddy. "Dedicated to all those who follow their dreams." the sign says.
My dream is to finally stop this LONG trip in the car!
Are we there yet??????

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  1. And now he says, you drive all this way and leave me at this house without you. The deck is nice, the food the baby drops is even better, but where are my loving owners? Maybe they will come for a visit today and bring me more raw hides.