"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Friday, April 19, 2013

Sidewalk Artist

Our sweet Gigi has been an artist 
most of her 8 years.

She seems happiest with paper and a box of crayons,
especially those with fresh, new points.
But she also gets excited about the sidewalk chalk
she has on hand at Grandma and Popeye's house.

She easily gets absorbed with what the chalk can do
on the broad expanse of driveway.
Her quiet concentration results in colorful murals
that, in turn,  give me a glimpse of her thoughtful creativity!

We see family portraits
that declare her love for us and
 even show Popeye with his white hair.

As she grows older, her pictures 
have grown more detailed.

They even include our darling artist 
posing in the spirit of her art:
here she shades her eyes from the chalk drawing
entitled "What a sunny morning!
(the actual sun was hiding behind some clouds that day.)

And here our girl rests to recover from
the drawing "What a night!!!"

Our dear granddaughter comes for little weekend
visits and I am always lonely when she has gone.
I am thankful that rain is a rarity here in Central Texas.
Our colorful sidewalk murals remain many days after Gigi
has gone home.   Thank goodness!