"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Strange Forest, Indeed

A weird attraction, if you can even call it such, at the Gateway to the Yukon.
Watson Lake lays claim to its Sign Post Forest.

History has it that it began by an engineer in the Army Corps who was working on building the Alaska Highway in 1942. Carl Lindley was from Illinois.
I wonder if he had any idea what he was starting?
How does one "start" such a phenomenon?
What would he think if he saw it today?

In preparation for our big trip north, I actually remembered passing this crazy place in 2010 and wanted to leave our mark among all the others.
So, at the last minute, along with thinking about securing the house, shutting off water, arranging for mail, etc, etc...I searched for something--ANYTHING--to make a sign.

We even packed a hammer and a couple of nails in the back of our very full Mazda.
Thus, on poles filled with metal street signs, maps, ceramic plaques, license plates, pie tins (to list a few of the materials),

there now hangs a styrofoam piece of packing with our names on it.
Do you think this scrap will stand the test of time?
Unfortunately it looks as tacky as possible and obvious that not much effort was spent in its creation but, seriously, Watson Lake's Sign Forest is hardly a place for an art critic.
And, in my own defense, I think I made wise use of the 2 holes in this piece of packing.
Then Jack's placement of the bottom nail gives the Kilroy face a wee little mouth.

Shoeless Joe is a bit put out that his name was not included.
He sits in front of the "things to do" poster trying to decide which event we are choosing next.
His disappointment drops even lower once he realizes we are merely hopping back in the car and driving for many more hours. *Sigh.*
First we stop in the visitor center to inform them that the number of signs in the sign post forest needs to be changed to 71,274. Kilroy was here.
And so were the Davis'.


  1. Oh your sign is GREAT! Like you said I hope it stands up in the weather- but I'm glad you made one. Very cute! good post.


  2. You will have to stop and see if your sign is still going strong on the drive south this fall.