"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Friday, August 6, 2010

Together for a brief, sweet time.

What a joy to be reunited, at last!
Thursday morning all 4 of us filed down the hallway and filled the little exam room for Kathleen's check-up. Got a bit crowded in there, but worth it to hear that wee baby's strong heartbeat echo in the room!
Yay for babies, parents, aunts and grandmas!
Yay for family !

The first morning of the trip Hillary and I set up some goals and rules. One of Hill's goals was to get exercise whenever we stopped for gas or whatever. We sometimes did this, toe-touching and jumping in place in the parking lots of Subways and gas stations.
Another goal was to have ice cream EVERY day. Sad to say, that never happened. Timing, selection or opportunity was just not right. She lamented this omission each evening before falling asleep.
So, on Saturday before Hillary headed to the airport for her flight back to NJ, we stopped at Hot Licks for delicious, home-made ice cream.
Smile if you like ice cream!
Notice the assortment of clothing worn by each of us. Can you tell who the tough Alaskans are that don't need coats though the temp was in the 50's?

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