"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sailing Down the River on a Sunday Afternoon

Some scenes from our Riverboat Brunch Cruise. How would you like a boat like this one at your personal dock?

Adirondack chairs make me homesick for NY. This scene was common along the Chena, but this dock looked particularly inviting. I could have jumped off and spent the sunny afternoon sitting in one of these chairs, sipping iced tea and waving at the boats going by. But since I wasn't in my bathing suit I couldn't jump ship. Maybe next time....

The Tanana River is silty from glacial outwash and the Chena River is clearer waters. The Chena River ends by intersecting (butting up against or T-boning) the Tanana. The distinct water boundaries are distinguishable as they meet. This is called "the marriage of the rivers". If you look closely you can see the two different waters in this picture. The Tanana is the one in the background. Our riverboat made a U-turn here by having the paddles turn in opposite directions. Interesting.

Here is the home of Jack McManus. His cabin posts a blue sign in front for all to see.
It reads, "American by birth--Wisconsin. Alaskan by choice."

This was my favorite house-too bad it is hidden by the trees here. It's a charming home with pretty trim, window boxes, a tall brick chimney and porches.

Typical of the newer houses along the river. Nice and private since the only ones who see this view are the boaters on the river and the float planes that often take off and land from here.

The Pump House is where Kathleen and Josh had their wedding reception dinner 4 years ago. May was too early in the season for all the flowers that are now blooming there. The pump house is a historical building that has a pump fountain spraying into the river.
This picture had been taken on another river trip and looks closed. The Sunday of our brunch it was open for business and the tables filled with happy people who waved at us. I just didn't get a good pic so used this other one.

And, speaking of Josh and Kathleen, we floated right by them as they were sitting on the deck enjoying their own brunch at Pike's Restaurant with Josh's parents and brother. Kathleen waved and waved and so did we as we called out to one another. Nicest view of the whole trip right here! (sorry for the quality of the picture but the sun was in the camera.)

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