"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My adventurous mother

I won't publicize my dear mother's age, but it's impressive that she decided to visit Alaska by flying up all by herself from Florida 2 weeks ago. We realized that her presence, as well as baby Abigail's, made us 4 generations of Levison women.

We took her on a long journey to Anchorage and then the scenic train ride to Seward. She viewed seals, sea otters and glaciers for the first time. Quite different from steamy Florida's climate, Kathleen made sure she had wool hats and scarves.

Even majestic Mt McKinley did not hide behind the usual clouds, but glowed in the sunshine for her to see.

Amazed at the spectacular Alaskan flowers and famous giant cabbages that weigh over 50 pounds, Mum asked, "How could you cook that?"

We enjoyed walking around my apartment complex and admiring the abundant flowers.
I took joy in her enthusiastic attitude.

A trip to Fairbanks wouldn't be complete without visiting the pipeline.
So we did...

Here we are together at the McKinley Princess resort--this friendly bear representing the men we had left at home.

The resort had rows of comfortable chairs all facing the a wall of windows--the view clearly of Mt. McKinley only 40 miles away. This is the largest mt. peak in North America. Though Kathleen has seen it before and was checking out Oprah, Mum was excited at the beauty.

Checking out an Athabascan Indian skin house, Mum agreed it looked cozy but she prefers her house with plumbing and lights, thank you very much.

We spent an afternoon on the big touring riverboat and laughed at the dog team demonstration.

Although lacking the barking, furry team, Mum was anxious to get the feel of the dog sled that has won the Iditarod race more than once. She figured she'd try it only if the temperatures stayed above freezing!
Mum left on a big jet this morning. I will miss her positive attitude, her enjoyment of life, her sweet smile when I came in from work each evening. For 84 (oops-I let it out!), she is the most beautiful and remarkable woman I know. I thank God she is part of my life.

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