"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Steamboat Sallies

My friend Tammy and I chose a lovely, warm Sunday afternoon to share a brunch on the riverboat Tanana Chief. A peaceful day to ride along the Chena River and enjoy great food and company. Tammy is a travel nurse from South Dakota who works near me at the hospital and lives near me at Wedgewood Resort. It is such fun to have a friend here.

The 2 big paddle wheels splashed water up on the windows as they moved us along.

The dining room on the lower deck was decorated at the late 1800's when sternwheelers were the ships that carried new people and supplies into Interior Alaska.
If you notice the men in the back of the boat, you'll see there was no dress code for this brunch cruise. (haha-to be honest, I think these were workers at the dock because we never saw them the whole trip. Or maybe they were feeding the coal-or whatever fuel it used- into the engine and stayed out of sight. I was rather surprised to see them in the pic because I didn't remember them...)

The cool breeze from the water was so pleasant. It really was such a nice day.

We passed lots of neat places. This is the big Riverboat Discovery, the tour boat that follows the same route along the Chena but does it was narration and stops at a Native fishing village and kennel of mushers and dogsled teams in training.

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