"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Monday, August 30, 2010

Little Houses for Big People

Tucked on nearly every corner or abandoned parking lot are these little "houses". The size of storage sheds or very small one-car garages, they are open for business as espresso or ice cream shops. I don't know where they get their water or even power as some are really in isolated spots. I don't even know if they are open year round or just summer...

Rarely is one seen without a drive-up customer or even a line or waiting cars. I get a kick out of the clever names. The forget-me-not is the state flower. This little shop is connected to a more permanent structure (howbeit not much larger) with a couple of little tables. The walls are covered with cups and bric-brac of the little flower like you see on this sign.

The Mocha Moose Express minus the car. Hmmmmm. What's up with that?

And my favorite name--"Espresso Yourself". I had to wait several minutes as I stood posed across the street with my camera. The car being served was blocking the sign. As it pulled away the young woman working there closed the shutter--I think she saw me and figured I was stalking her or something.

This little house is actually a dwelling. The dark log home in the front is most likely over 100 years old and who knows the age of the addition. There are several of these pioneer homes scattered throughout the city. The front door is so short that most folks need to stoop to enter, but not ALL of us.

This darling cabin belonged to a man who refused to sell when the city bought this area to build a big, new visitor center near the river. He finally died and the city fathers decided to keep and maintain the cabin as a sample of the original homes. Many have been relocated to a place called Pioneer Park where they are used as gift shops and museums.
The gardens are always fantastic in Fairbanks.

This is a candy shop down near the airport. What a unique marketing strategy!
I've always loved doll houses and dreamed of having one in my backyard as a child, so I am enthralled with the variety of these "little houses" all about town.

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  1. Mocha Moose is the best coffee place in Fairbanks...