"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Sunday, August 7, 2011

You Know You're in Alaska When...

I know I'm in Alaska when I wander around the parking lot at the apartment
complex where I am living for these summer months.
This license plate describes the winter months and the old plug for the engine warmer still hangs out all summer, reminding us of what is to come.

This goofy moose still sits on the MiniCooper.
I called him Mini-Moose in a blogpost last summer.

The lion's share of vehicles are working ones that represent companies
and state departments that thrive up here. Some examples:

Kathleen worked for several years for Alaska's Dept. of Natural Resources.
Forestry is in that same area and I recognized the DNR logo.

Helicopters fly along the entire length of the pipeline
every day doing a visual check. All 800 miles from Prudoe Bay to Valdez.
Did you know that 88,000 barrels of oil go through the pipeline each HOUR?
And that there are 42 gallons in each barrel?

And, speaking of the pipeline, this company truck looked like this
when we arrived at the apartments.

But it more often looks like this... or worse.

Like this.
Lots of cars and trucks look like this. Going north means the Dalton Highway
(does Ice Road Truckers ring a bell?) that is mostly unpaved.
This is true for many roads in this state.

Mud and cracked windshields are just part of life.

My favorite pictures that say we are in Alaska are these two:
I saw this car in a local store's parking lot and wanted a closer look
at the dog sled strapped to the top.

And when I approached the car, I was tickled to see the handsome driver.
But, of course, that was his sled on top!

I'll bet his passenger was in buying some dog treats
before heading home to this road sign:
Yep, I'm back in Alaska for sure!

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