"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Proof That We Really DO Work at Our Jobs

I know that the blog posts are all about our fun adventures.
Someone said, "What? Yet another festival? Is that ALL you do up there?"
The truth is that we work hard at our jobs.
Jack spends 5 or 6 evenings each week as a waiter
and I work as a nurse 11-12 hrs/day each 4-day week
and often am "on call" on the weekends.
We both come home pooped and with sore feet.
But, would you really want to read posts about our jobs?????
Or about our tired backs and feet?
I think not.
The times in between the hospital and restaurant are the exciting ones.
That said...

We have seen the signs most everywhere.
They are especially coveted when the parking lot is jammed
and the weather unpleasant.
Because they are the convenient, close-in ones.
We may even watch surreptitiously to see who actually parks there.
Do you know what I am talking about??

Those parking lot spaces marked "Employee of the Month".

In our little household of 2, this sign holds a lot more meaning these days.
Why, you ask?
Because we personally know the benefactor of this honor and privilege.

My man, teacher by trade for many years, is willing to tackle new challenges
in this post-teaching era of his life. (I can't even list them all.)
But waiting tables, or "serving" as it is more properly termed, is a brand
new job for him. It involves many totally new skills
such as timing the appetizers, rolls and entrees correctly besides
ironing his shirts and pants and wearing an apron every night!
Rookie that he is, the managers of the Princess Lodge chose him from over 350
(count 'em!)
other employees at the lodge to be identified as
Employee of the Month!!!!!!!

With that honor comes the reserved parking spot,
the shiny pins for his shirt,
a letter from the president of Holland America/Princess-
Alaska and Yukon Land Operations in Seattle
and this framed certificate!
For what more could a new server ask?

Best part: he received this award because of his
"outstanding attitude, work ethic and team spirit".
I am so proud of him.
He usually is serving people on an Alaskan cruise-those his own age.
He could easily switch places and be the one seated at the table.
He took on the challenge of this new job with gusto just 2 months ago
and proved that a positive attitude and willingness to work hard pay off.
I don't mean financially, but in a more powerful, intangible way.
To earn recognition enough to be rightfully called,
Employee of the Month.
Way to go, John Davis!

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  1. Congratulations to Jack!! Always thought he was a real "go-getter"!! ;-) Sounds like your lives are very full and busy up there, between both your jobs, exploring, and "soaking in" family time! Have so enjoyed keeping up with you! Thanks!!!