"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Golden Day for a Parade

We join the crowds who love a parade.
Fairbanks comes out in a big way for the Golden Days Parade every year.
The theme is always the same--gold!
The many, many floats pay tribute to the gold mining days that brought dreamers
and miners up here to develop this town.

Felix Pedro was the very first to discover gold in Fairbanks and he
is always a prominent figure of the parade, walking his faithful old mule--

and showing off his giant gold nugget to all.

This parade goes on for about 2 hours and represents almost every club. school,
organization and cause in this area:
Karate kids and can-can girls, gardeners and mammogram promoters,
it's fun and entertaining.

Abigail loved all the excitement but wasn't fond of the firetrucks when
demonstrated their loud sirens for us.

But she waved at all the 1890's costumes and old cars
(with a little help from her grandparents).

And we all cheered the riders of these old-fashioned bikes,
wondering how DO they mount and dismount?

For these grandparents, watching Abigail was just as entertaining as
watching the floats and costumed paraders.
It was a golden day for us to be with her and her Mama and Daddy.

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