"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Midnight Sun Fun Run

Dear readers, I recognize that it has taken this blog over a month
to finally arrive in Fairbanks, but we actually got here in 7 days.
Long days of many miles, to be sure, but safe and fun days, as well.
With a trip like this, the journey is the adventure, not just the destination.
There were so many great things I wanted to share about our amazing trip north.
But now I'm SO ready to tell you about life at our destination.


We spent the first few days reuniting with Josh, Kathleen and sweet Abigail.
Long walks on their unpaved road worked out some of the kinks from our week of sitting.
We needed to rebuild some muscles since we had signed up for the Midnight Sun Fun Run,
part of the tons of fun stuff to do to celebrate the Summer Solstice.
When one is in Fairbanks for the summer months, stars never appear.
It is a wondrous and magical time.

We joined 6,000 others who participated in the 10K race.
Jack ran on ahead while Kathleen and I joined the mass of walkers behind.
We had Abigail in the stroller and Shoeless Joe on his leash as we weaved in and out among the crowd, many in costume. We passed the Medieval Gang in their velvets and gowns, Storm Troopers, Superman, giant walking iphones, ballerinas and such.
We thought Abigail might sleep but she resisted even reclining and tried to sit upright the whole 10K, head rotating to take in all the sights around her.
Shoeless trotted steadily with us.
Note the bright glow of the sky behind us in this picture.
This is the finish line at almost the stroke of midnight.

This race winds through neighborhoods and the people in these houses have annual parties with live bands and tables filled with food and drink. They all cheer on the racers (and walkers) with gusto. Many have hoses and water guns to soak us down. We were thankful to have the baby because they held their fire when we walked by. Shoeless drank thankfully from the puddles and at every water station.
The whole event is just fun, all around, with spirits high and friendliness abounding.
Sure helps the 6.2 miles move along a bit faster when the feet get tired.

Jack and Kathleen's moods fit right in as they are just plain happy
to be together again.
Notice the Texan outfit on my man.
Do you even wonder where he is from?

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