"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wilderness Relaxation

We recently had a weekend off and headed south to the
McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge that is positioned just 40 miles
from Mt McKinley.
Walls of tall windows and dozens of cushioned chairs all face this view.

This pretty lodge's theme is the Alaskan wilderness with its animals,
trees and mountains.
Outside, bronze statues stand among the grounds.
Jack tries to break up these two battling mt. sheep.
No fighting, boys!

Inside, a huge stone fireplace adorned the spacious lobby full of soft chairs and couches.
A warm fire crackled and welcomed me since it grew dark and rainy out.

The set of tools were designed as pretty vines
and the screen was decorated with a dog team and musher.

Even the walls in the restroom had tiles with bears, moose, and fox.

Jack becomes buddies with this friendly bear in the coffee shop.

So many tasteful decorations filled the rooms and restaurants,
reflecting the themes of the wilderness. I appreciated each one.
Even the furniture in our bedroom was wooden with carvings of pine trees.
This pretty lamp was by our bed.

And these moose wandered on the bottom edge of the mirror.
Even the hot tub outside faced the tall trees and North America's tallest mountain.
What a pleasant weekend of rest and relaxation.

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  1. Hilarious pictures of you two... reminds me of the fun you had when you were in Hawaii posing with other stationary people! Love you both!