"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Take Me to the Fair

Tanana Valley Fair is in town.
Ferris wheels, corn dogs, tractor pulls, and cotton candy.
The theme of the 80th fair here in Fairbanks:
Northern Nights and Midway Lights.

We met Josh, Kathleen and Abigail there one sunny afternoon.
Abigail was all eyes as she viewed her first horse.

The Tanana Valley Fair offers the fun of most fairs I've been to:
4-H animals like these cozy, fat pigs,

and sheared sheep--but this one is wearing purple spandex.
(He looked a bit embarrassed as if to say,
"This really isn't the color I was born with.")

But there were some regional interesting differences.
We watched a dance show by Native Y'upik Indians.

we were offered fried Alaskan halibut and reindeer hotdogs
along with elephant ears and ice creams.

Our baby girl sits among the winning giant cabbages.
The largest one weighed in at over 60 pounds
but our 18-pound baby wore the blue ribbon (for a few minutes, anyway!)

Saturday night's closing ended with spectacular fireworks.
They proudly are called "the earliest fireworks in the Interior"
and were scheduled at 11:00pm. Though the picture isn't very good,
you can see that the sky still isn't totally dark yet, even then.
Fairs are fun, wherever they are.

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