"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Unwelcome Neighbors

This afternoon, while outside on the deck, 
Abigail and I greeted a couple of unexpected neighbors.
They came trotting up to the house as if 
responding to an invitation.
My goodness, but they are LARGE!!
(Bigger than any horse I ever saw!)

I thought they were a Mr and Mrs but learned they are brothers.
Twins born 2 years ago, in fact.

Our visit could have been most pleasant
until they grew distracted by the lush vegetables in the garden.
This fellow reached over the tall fence to nibble celery leaves.

The other brother stepped into the raised rhubarb and flower bed.
Those long legs didn't have any problem.

I changed my mind about asking them for tea.
On the contrary.  I grew quite unpleasant and told them
to promptly leave.  There is a huge area of weeds
and willows and they were welcome to all of them.
But not to the gardens, thank you very much.
Abigail and I were a bit disappointed to see them leave.
If only they had used better manners, 
what a nice time we could have had.

An addendum is needed here.
Some of us look at the glass half empty
and others, well, you know.
You ought to read my daughter's blog to see her 
opinion of these strong and natural-to-the-area "neighbors"

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