"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Friday, August 10, 2012

Come and Set a Spell

I am aware that this is not grammatically correct,
but rather a down-home expression:
"Come on in and set a spell!"
While happily 
wandering through the botanical gardens, 
I noticed several strategically placed  benches and seats.

Tucked into arbors or near waterfalls and goldfish ponds,
these seats whisper, "Pause and relax."

These charming chairs were designed to look like butterflies
fluttering among daisies and the bluest of blue delphinium.

The "dinner plate dahlias"
(named appropriately for their size)
were just starting bloom in this peaceful spot.

 In back of the memorial chair
(the one like I'd like for my own someday)
sits a handcrafted bird feeder.
Its stationary bird perches as if ready to sing.

I tried out some of these appealing spots but life just has a way
of robbing us of languid time when we may do just this
and not mind the passing minutes.
Schedules rudely interrupt the quiet moments we have to sit
and simply breathe deeply surrounded by, not technology nor noise,
calm and beauty.  God's creative handiwork.
I can choose to return here in the next few weeks
when the long hours of sunlight add remarkable size and colors
to these spots.
And I plan to do just that!
Would you come with me and set a spell?

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