"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Whitehorse, a lovely tourist town

Those mineral hot springs were so invigorating that we decided to get back in the car and keep going onward rather than stay at the lodge Kathleen had reserved. It was a beautiful day and we figured we could tackle 8 or 9 more hours. We had certainly become road warriors!

Driving into Whitehorse was like entering back into civilization. A beautiful site! Whitehorse is a thriving, historic town on the Yukon River, located where the road and railroad from Skagway meets the Alaska Highway. Whitehorse developed and grew during the Gold Rush days. The Yukon Quest grueling dog team race begins in Fairbanks and ends here in Whitehorse every February.

Riverboats like this "Klondike" brought the people and then their supplies via the Yukon River while the Natives watched warily. The river is frozen for many months, so the warmer seasons were busy, hustling times. Riverboats were known to get "frozen in" by trying to push the calendar for "just one more" late autumn trip north.

We took advantage of these long hours of daylight and walked along the riverwalk after checking in. Bikers, runners, stroller-pushers and walkers greeted one another at 11 PM.

I liked this statue dedicated to "those who follow their dreams". This is a bronze gold miner or sourdough and his faithful dog searching for the dream of a claim. Underneath him is a very weary young lady searching for the dream of a cozy bed.

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