"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Friday, July 2, 2010

Scrubby Bubbles

Since we took a detour to check out Denver and the Rockies, we ended up spending over 12 hours in the car on day 2. Late in the day we were quite slap-happy and giddy when finally stopping for a meal. Starving and suffering from low blood sugar, I am sure, explained our behavior. This town (name unknown) suddenly showed up out of nowhere and we were SO thankful! But the choices seemed to be all fast food and not so appealing. Until we spotted this oasis in the desert! Hillary confessed, "Drew would NEVER sleep if he knew I was eating at Scrubby Bubbles...I mean, Scrubby Bubby... or Pubby Grub!" We laughed so hard that we couldn't see straight. Then Hillary got out her phone to call Drew.

Neon plastic palm trees, giant Daffy Duck and Donald were among the random things that surrounded the restaurant. Can you find Waldo? (I mean Hillary?)

I don't care what era they come from, I love men who are just my size!

Check her out. Despite the mauling of her leg, I think I would still consider this expression a smile. What do you think? And, not to worry, that is her left leg caught in the powerful jaws of a fierce Wyoming dinosaur so she can still do her share of the driving. We have a long way to go...
The only sad part of this story--there was a 45 minute wait so we couldn't even eat here after all. BUT, on a positive note, we found a vibrating car cushion in Walgreen's and used it nonstop for the rest of the trip.

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