"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Monday, July 26, 2010

B-B-B-Believe it or not.....B-B-B-Buffaloes!!

We learned quickly to slow down when we noted movement on the road ahead of us for two reasons: 1. To view the wildlife that were doing the moving and 2. To avoid crashing into said wildlife.
We were totally unprepared to recognize these animals we saw from quite a distance back...a herd of buffalo! Strolling along the shoulder of the road in the neatest straight line (you know, the kind of line teachers work years to get their students to learn).

Hillary totally freaked out as we watched them head into the grass to munch. We simply didn't expect to see buffalo up here in Yukon Territory. Thought they belonged on the prairies in the western USA. Well, they obviously belong up north, too. This closer one looks at as the camera as if to say, "Go ahead and take the pic, this is my good side!"

These really are the BULKIEST animals I've ever been so close to, particularly with no fences for 100's of miles. Their heads and chests are huge and out of proportion to their back halves. This giant one has a GPS collar on so the herd's whereabouts can be monitored. I think that made him the leader. And in confirmation, the smaller one in front is asking permission to keep moving.

Viewing wildlife in this setting caused us to create Car Rule #4: ALWAYS keep the car in Drive while watching these very wild animals in very open areas around the car. This enables us to pull out (should I say "peal out"?) quickly should the need arise. Question: Do buffalo charge like bulls? Answer: No, they always use cash.

Yet, for all the appearance of fierceness and strength and power of these huge animals, Hillary just had to prove she was THERE and posed for a picture only a short distance from this big guy. Looks like photo-shop, you say? Well, believe me, it is the real deal! They both look mighty casual about the proximity, I think.

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