"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Monday, September 3, 2012

Old Friends in New Places

A momentous occasion occurred tonight.
My Texas Chevy officially became an Alaskan car.
Truth be told, she has lived here since June, 2010, 
but her status has been as a Texan the whole time.

I want to take a minute to laud the merits of this humble
but fantastically dependable car.
Purchased new in New York almost 10 years ago,
she stayed solid on snowy and icy mountain roads there.
I remember the day Jack drove her from the dealer to the hospital where
I was working to give me a test drive.  He was already sold on her.
What a wise buyer he turned out to be!

The Chevy and I travelled to Texas 2 years later,
where she endured 100 degree days and crowded interstates.
She still bears the pocked scars of a wild Texan hailstorm.

At almost 8 years old, she and I made the journey to Alaska.
We stretched the summer days into winter and I kindly repaid her
faithfulness with a new battery and an oil pan heater 
to help her tolerate those subzero temperatures.
She thanked me by starting up the first time, every time,
despite no longer enjoying the comforts of a garage home.
She now owns a set of new snow tires and usually
is covered in a layer of dust and dirt since she has exchanged
interstates for dirt and gravel roads.
Her windshield is cracked in several artistic swirls (from said gravel).
She wears her 145,000 miles regally with not so much as one
major repair. (Dare I say this aloud??)
She has been a great car and companion!
I'm sure she will continue to push onward with the same
consistent trustworthiness, asking only for an occasional oil change.
That's just her quiet way.

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