"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wildlife Beware!

Just in case someone wasn't noticing the flaming gold leaves...
or the lower orbit of the sun...
or feeling the chilliness of the frosty evenings...
there is one more clue that September has arrived in Alaska.

The men have suddenly disappeared.
Not ALL of them, naturally, but a great many.
Stores, churches, post offices, and even the hospital
is feeling a bit testosterone-deprived.
It is quite the phenomenon.

Hunting season opened Sept. 1.
Parking lots and roads are suddenly filled with vehicles such as these.
Many have extra gas cans and some tote fancy RV's or trailers.
But all carry coolers, sleeping bags, ATV's and guns.
Moose and bear hunting involves tracking deep into isolated areas and
 rough terrain in search of the game and then hauling out the "parts"
over many miles.  It's quite the effort.

With the birth of his son and the demands of his job,
Josh was unable to take off the time to go hunting this year.
But I made a big pot of moose chili today from last year's... 
what do I call it?  not "catch"...
not "kill"... not "trophy".
Oh yes, harvest.  (sigh)
I could be a vegetarian, I really could.

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