"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hmmmmm, Anything Left?

This blogpost is similar to one I did not long ago.
But I feel it's a bit ironic considering the post
of Sunday.
As determined hunters search the mountains
and tundra in the lands north just north of us,
we have our own moose dilemma right here.

This time is wasn't the brothers,
but a hungry cow who calmly strolled around the
garden fence in the morning.
Abigail and I were eating breakfast when we spotted her.
We stepped out to the top of the deck stairs.
The moose and I had a standoff for several minutes, the early morning
frost making her breath come out in white steamy puffs.

Then, deciding we were all noise and no real
threat, we were shocked to watch her step over the fence
and under the eye-level rope that is meant to deter all moose.  (So much for that theory!)

She leisurely gazed around at the choice of
vegetables that remained...

Then lowered her head and began to devour the carrots.
What she wasn't munching she was trampling.

What to do???
I grabbed a couple of prescription bottles-
(yep, that's right-quite the weapon!)
and told Abigail to help me out.
We both hollered and shook our bottles in a most 
fearsome manner!

And-would you believe it?
This spooked her and she danced around nervously,
trying to find a quick way out.  In a frenzy, she
leaped the fence and ran away into the woods.
Little Abigail quieted her bottle and then 
grew a bit sad.
"Moose all gone?"
"Yes, Baby," I answered.
"But at least she's still breathing."
And we headed inside to finish breakfast and place our weapons back in the cabinet.

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  1. Haha! Medicine bottles?! Really- I bet the moose did even more damage in her dance around in fear than she would of if you just left her alone ;) Love it!