"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Flush Out World Hunger

The other day we were surprised to see this lawn ornament
sitting in our driveway.

The Youth Group at our church was raising funds to provide food in Malawi, Africa, through World Vision International. They charged a fee to place these colorful toilets in yards. The teens also participated in a 30-hour famine to feel their own hunger pangs while making money for Africa.

Inside the painted potty was the name of our "friends"
that had paid to send it our way.
We, in turn, had to make a donation to get it removed...
to another yard, of course. (Share the joy and all that!)
The note read, "Think of the expression on the face of your friends when they look out their front door and see one of these beautiful potties in their yard! Wow, what a gift of love!"
Cool fundraiser, huh?
Many neighbors slowed when driving by our house and some wondered if they were supposed to place a donation under the lid. We promised everyone that it would soon be gone.
In all seriousness:
**Hunger kills another child every 10 seconds. (nearly 8,000/day)
**More than 1 billion people go hungry every day. (1 in every 6 on the planet)
**1.4 billion people earn $1.25 or less per day.
**Hunger hurts children, making them sicker and starving their brains.
**We can stop hunger in its tracks, even if it means tastelessly decorating our yards..

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