"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Newest Baby on the Block

This post is just to add a bit of detail to the past one about the nervous mother
keeping a sharp eye on sleepy Shoeless Joe.
She decided it was time to introduce us to her sweet, new baby.

This afternoon I was passing a window when I saw, much to my delight,
Mama and her new little fawn. She was licking the baby from nose to tail--
so vigorously at times that the baby tottered almost over.
She wanted her baby to look her best when she took her "in public".

She walked slowly through our yard, always on the alert,
but graciously paused to let me run and get the camera while her fawn nursed.
Baby looks around to see what Mama is staring at.
Such gentle and vulnerable creatures whose survival is tenuous.

The little one watched her mother eating the grass and tried to mimic the action,
probably wondering what was so interesting down there.
Look at the darling legs that are too long for her body!
She was quite unsteady on these new legs but Mama was always near to assist.

At about the same time I noted the rabbit that has been hanging around
our same yard. He hopped into the neighbor's back yard and approached this
stone bathtub.

How I smiled to see him lean over and drink...and drink...and drink.
Quite the thirsty little fellow in this Texas heat!
(I adore these silent, shy friends of ours.)
God has blessed me in a powerful way that I should live in a very populated
development yet have such a generous bit of wild nature out my back door.
With the deer, rabbits, birds, frogs, coyotes, owls, lizards, foxes and armadillos,
I receive great joy and happiness.
I hope, through this little blog, that you did, too!

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