"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Monday, June 20, 2011

And we're off..................

Car's packed, house locked and shuttered (metaphorically),
and we set the gears on Drive.
Good-bye Texas.
This little family of three is on our way, compass set to N/NW.
Come and join us as we blog our way to the "Last Frontier"
(and I don't mean outer space).

Being a seasoned blogger now (it has been a whole year),
I wanted to focus on taking pictures of one unique thing during the long trip.
I got this clever idea of photographing water towers.
(They are the ONE thing that rises above the very, very, very flat horizon of West Texas.)

All too soon I realized that this idea was anything BUT clever as they all
looked pretty much alike except for the amount of rust they wore.
So, there are my 2 (count 'em) pictures of water towers.
Enough of that. Boring as the landscape, I must admit.

Texas is experiencing a terrific drought and we grew uneasy to notice random patches of smoke and clusters of flames along the shoulder of the 2-lane road. Yes, these were grass fires that had suddenly erupted and were burning steadily.

What could cause these? A carelessly tossed cigarette butt?
We saw a man jump out of his truck and use his small fire extinguisher in a frantic effort to extinguish the fire. How easily these few flames could spread with the constant wind.
We learned later that night about the out-of-control fires in Arizona.
Pretty frightening.

The miles and hours passed and I began to think we would never EVER leave Texas.
I searched for interesting images out my window but mostly I saw Texas doing the lion's share
of solving the energy crisis with images of this:

In the world of "NO SMOKING" signs,
this business actually welcomes them.
********Can you believe how desperate I was to take pictures?*********
Stick with me, it'll get better in days to come, I promise.

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