"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Texas in October--lovely!

My time in Texas has come to an end. It has been most relaxing,
as I'd hoped, filled with beach days, biking, walking,
and good times with family and friends.
I'm looking forward to seeing Kathleen and Josh and especially knowing
Abigail will be joining us soon, but I do have some reservations...
mostly the change in weather conditions.

Central Texas in October is just about perfect.
No air conditioning but breezes through open windows,
cool evenings and warm daytimes. Lots of sunshine.
Join me in some photo journaling of what I love about these days:

Most of our meals are out on the patio with the sound of the water running
over the New York rocks of our backyard fountain. I wish you could hear
how pleasant the watery music is.

The hummer feeder and birdbath are in frequent use and I like watching
the birds busy at both.

The deer also drink from the birdbath. The spring babies have lost their spots
and look like miniature adult white tails now. These are proud parents.

We enjoy quiet, peaceful moments reading or eating on the little front porch.
It gets morning sun and is a great spot for coffee and the paper
(or sometimes just a little dog-loving time).

Tons of butterflies! They flutter around silently on this plant called a
butterfly mist. Not much to look at, but those little orange butterflies are all over it!

Shoeless Joe is so relieved to have the summer heat gone by.
He likes to lie outdoors in the soft grass, sleeping or watching the
neighbors stroll by. And he's always ready for a run with his "dad "
or alongside the bike with me, particularly if it involves water.

And a day is not complete without iced tea! Wouldn't you like to
join me out here on the patio with a glass? It's another great day
to be outdoors in Texas in October.

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