"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Living like a Princess Sophie

This contract with Fairbanks Memorial Hospital has me living in a different place.
I had been very contented at Wedgewood Resort for the last two contracts, but this location is offering me some new, sweet options.
Sophie Station is really more of a hotel of suites than an apartment.

The quarters are smaller but perfect for one person.
This picture is of the living room with a flat screen TV on the wall.

A very well equipped kitchen with an eating bar at the opposite end.
Best part--the dishes wash themselves! Well, not exactly, but daily housekeepers stop in when I am out and not only clean, but replace paper towels, tea towels, and bath linens. One morning I rushed out rather quickly to work and left a few dishes in the sink.
When I returned at night, they were clean in the drainer. Wow.

The spacious bedroom has an extra bed just waiting for a friend to visit.
I am sleeping like a log here, unlike the summers with weeks of insomnia. I guess it was the midnight sun that kept me awake till all hours. Even though I had room darkening drapes, my brain just knew it was bright and sunny outdoors and no time to sleep.
I actually slept late one dark morning this week and didn't make my bed (horrors!) and, you guessed it, the bed was all made up when I got home.
I feel like a princess with all of this cleaning and picking up--Princess Sophie.
I could really get spoiled with this regal kind of caretaking, but I do try to have things neat and tidy before leaving for work each morning.

Looking directly out the sliding door I can see an attractive log building that houses a business. It is called "Northern Threads" and is a sewing and knitting store. I have seen people going in and out with their sewing machines-- I assume to classes. I'd love to join them. Indoor hobbies are a must to get through the dark, cold days yet to come and most people I have met create lovely and practical things. Kathleen is a super knitter and Josh wears hats and socks she has knit to keep him warm.

Facing west from the same window. Nice, tall birch and spruce.

And looking toward the east as the sun is coming up. I really love spending time admiring the trees with snow tucked in their branches, especially when I am inside all warm and cozy with a cup of coffee in my hand. Oh yeah, the lobby downstairs has a table set up with a assortment of coffees, tea, and spiced cider at all times. And one of the best restaurants in Fairbanks, Zachs, is down the hall on my floor. Yummy aromas filter to my room most evenings!

And look at what else I found standing outside my window! A beautiful and glowing
mother-to-be on her way to visit me. Kathleen's office is walking distance to Sophie's Station.
God is so good and I am abundantly blessed!

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