"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Friday, August 30, 2013

Learning to Beat the Heat (and Fears)

Summer days are marching along.
Having been much farther north for the past 4 summers,
I had not particularly relished the thought of that
relentless Texas sun pushing the temperatures into triple digits
nor those days of blue skies with the occasional cloud teasing us 
with the promise of rain that rarely falls.
However, we have been filling days with fun trips, little adventures,
 and plenty of pool time.  
These pleasant activities have made the hot, sunny days much more bearable. 

One big part of this summer has been 
the painting of the house.
Jack committed to this task with full awareness that there was a deadline--
a new roof had been scheduled.
The painting of the house had to be completed 
by that date!

His plan was to get up all bright and bushy-tailed and be at it by 6:30 AM, work a few hours and end for each day way before the heat rolled in.
Somehow that planned early hour came just TOO early and our volunteer painter was dipping his brush 
much later than planned. 
He had to carry two rags in his back pocket-
one for the paint drips and one for the sweat drips. 

A note of importance, this volunteer painter
REALLY dislikes heights.
Yet he overcame this fear and trepidation and crawled up and down the 35 foot ladder, paint can in his trembling hand.
All the way to the very top boards!

I played an integral role during these times--
I stood on the bottom rung of the ladder,
putting my weight and stability into my job!

I'm happy to report the house was completely painted,
two coats at least, in time for the installation our great new roof.  All is well. 
And safe.
Fears have been battled and beaten.
(Drum roll, please.)


We've had some sweet visits from some of our favorite 
little people, too.  

I'll bet you didn't know that Ritz crackers could substitute for vanilla wafers (in a pinch) 
to make edible sunflowers.

And teaching a willing granddaughter how to pin a pattern meant this Grandma can sew matching dresses for her and her favorite doll.  Twins, you say?

Thanks to a willing neighbor who stores lots of great stuff in her garage, 
I borrowed some of that stuff.
Whistling happily as I scrubbed each piece down,
I anticipated a visit from some other favorite people.
Can you guess who is coming?
The answer will appear soon....

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