"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Grandma Days in the Summer Sun

Our dear Alaska family decided it was time to
visit Texas in the summertime for a change.
Despite the long flight, they arrived
all bright and shiny.
(Well, maybe Mama wasn't all that bright...
and the shine was from sweating after
holding a wiggling 9-month old on her
lap for hours upon hours.)

But, the point is, they ARRIVED!!

And we filled the days to the brim!
Walks through the neighborhood...

examining the beauty of the fallen
crepe myrtle blossoms that colored our
lawns in bright colors...

and shopping!
Abigail tossed many random items into the cart
(color mattered, not sizes)
and Ethan grabbed onto a pair of ladies'
bikini panties in a leopard pattern and held on tight...

Entertainment was provided by funny cousins 
who colored, played and swam together.

Uncle Jonathan brought lots of laughs
and a good deal of nonsense, as well.

Cousins multiplied fun to the 10th degree.
Having all 4 of them in one place 
did this Grandma's heart good.

We had to find ways to stay cool on those hot summer days.  
Ice cream worked wonders!

As did the little pool out under the trees 
in the backyard.

And bigger pools at Uncle Jonathan's
and Great Grammie's.
Pools and summer days just go hand-in-hand.
Our little Alaskan babies went home
with some definite tans, despite sunblock.

But those same busy summer days
made little people tuckered out.

And big people, too.


  1. That is fun post with good progression... all the way to the sleeping photos!

  2. Oh Gigi looks so tall! I miss her!
    Cute post- can you believe you have 4 grandkids- you are quite the lucky grandparents!

  3. Love this post. Wish we could hop a plane tomorrow and come again. Soon.