"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Where to End...?

It has been 5 weeks.
If I had had any blog followers,
by now they would have lost interest and
most likely walked away, 
bored and disinterested from lack of writing.

I should call it quits.
After all, this whole thing began with my trips
to Alaska as I shared the uniqueness of that land
with friends down here in the "Lower 48".
Thus the name Kathleen chose for the blog:
"Northern Adventures".
I haven't been that far north in almost a year.
My life isn't particularly adventurous anymore.
But still...

This silly, mundane blog does something for me.
Maybe not for YOU.
I get that.
But, deliberating on the best syntax for a sentence
or searching for the perfect adjective
or questioning the position of a comma...
those things challenge me.
And, when I settle on what and how to write,
that satisfies me.

Besides, when I see something a bit funny,
or charming, or out of the ordinary---
I want to take a picture and share it on here.
I don't have a theme anymore.
There's no real reason to even take time to edit pictures and design captions.
But, I'm not quite ready to end this blog.
I should rename it, though...
"Random Musings"
"Wandering Aimlessly Though a Mind"
"Thought Detours"
"Forks in the Road"

Whatever it is called or whether anyone
even takes a moment to read it,
I've just decided to keep adding to this blog.
For a while longer, anyway.
Because I like doing it.
And, between the hot Texas summer days of cleaning, washing dishes,
 refilling the birdbath 
and life's everyday responsibilities,
I've had some fun.
Been some places.
Taken some pictures.
And I'd like to share them.

Welcome back, readers.
Get ready for some unpredictable ideas.
These were seen along the highway:
 Poor Woody spends his days at quite a different
kind of rodeo-hanging on for all he's worth,
not to a bull, but this truck tire!

 I'm normally not an early morning kind of person
and prefer taking pictures of sunsets,
but we headed out early on a trip a few weeks ago
and watched the sky lighten and the sun show up.
Texas' big skies make these moments really showy.

This was on a tiny Mini Cooper near us.
When gazing out the passenger window of our car for hours and hours of a road trip, I certainly welcome drivers with a sense of humor!

Random, right?
I warned you.
Hope I didn't chase you away for good!


  1. Keep going. Be random, be unique. Don't worry about the name. This is your place, do what you want. Enjoy

  2. Thanks for your (always) encouragement. =)