"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Starting the Day--TexMex style

During our road trips we plan to stay at motels that offer
continental breakfasts.
They are so convenient and it's easy to get on the road to continue driving.  We don't want to spend time ordering and lingering over a meal when there are still miles ahead of us.

We've recently learned that things as
simple as  continental breakfasts are regional.

Who knew???

I always select the yogurt, fruit and bagels.
That's my idea of a perfect breakfast.
It is pretty much available ANYWHERE in the USA.

In San Antonio the colorful Mexican flair was everywhere.
(The Spurs were in the championship playoffs and 
t-shirts like this one abounded.)

This breakfast included warm and delicious choices.
In these warmers we discovered 
 scrambled eggs, sausage and refried beans.
Salsa and cheese were served alongside.

Warm tortillas invited us to customize our breakfast burritos.

Jack's breakfasts always bring a smile if waffles are included.
He waits patiently on long lines for his turn at the
"make-it-yourself" waffle irons.
This one personalized its waffles in a special way.

Mexican flair or not, we are still in TEXAS!!

Thanks, San Antonio, for a great anniversary celebration.

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