"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where Is Waldo? (and Hillary? Sharon?)

I've only been in New Jersey 2 days but once again my bags are packed and waiting at the door.
At 4 AM Hillary is joining me (yay!!) to embark on quite an island adventure, God willing.
I will give you a few clues and you try to guess where we are going.

Meals for the next week may be questionable, so we are bringing our own.
(*You can eliminate 4 star restaurant resorts.)

The water source may be unreliable and definitely could even be dangerous.
The shower where we are staying consists of a curtained off area with a bucket.
These wipes will be our sink and shower.
(*You can eliminate ANY star hotels.)
Temperatures there are in the 90's so we packed sunblock.
(*You can eliminate towels on white sand beaches.)

There'll be no available air conditioning and likely times without electricity.
(*Basically you can eliminate Motel 6, as well.)
We will graciously have mosquito nets that have been soaked in insecticide.
But once we get out of bed, we need the strongest Deet made to protect us from the mosquitos.
I started the anti-malaria pills today.
(*No, a jungle safari is not the correct guess. Keep trying.)

This old packet of some nursing tools will be a dead giveaway-right?
(*You can eliminate a relaxing, lie-on-the-beach vacation.)
I knew you could figure it out! We are headed to Port au Prince, Haiti, to volunteer as nurses on a Christian mission trip. That's about all we know. Oh, we will be traveling on very poor roads to tent clinics. Now that really IS all we know. Hillary and I are both blessed with skills that benefit ill, hurting, and injured people. We are going to Haiti to be the hands and feet of Jesus as we treat and comfort those needing medical help.
What a privilege. Seriously.

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