"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Tuesday, January 11, 2011



I really like dates like this one,
when writing out the numbers makes a simple pattern.
Ten months from now will be even better as another "1" completes the date.
But then I pause to think about those 10 months--300+ days.
So much will change in that time and we have no way of knowing what.
And that is good, really.
Unexpected changes can bring excitement and adventure,
even when the changes aren't always positive ones.
Change keeps us off balance and makes us work to maintain it
just as exercise on a rocking platform benefits our brain and muscles.
Do we like change? Not always. Not even occasionally, for some.

Whenever I come back from my Alaskan ventures
I view my house and its contents in a fresh light.
I'm ready for some changes, much to my husband's chagrin.
(Remember the blogpost from yesterday? The 15-year-old T shirt?)
Change makes him nervous, especially when it involves tools or heavy lifting.
So, I began with my own areas and filled the garbage can, rearranged garage shelves, and made numerous trips to the attic. Then I boldly approached my man that we were switching out couches in the living room and the office (his cave). The idea was not well received he but assisted me, nonetheless.
We pushed, shoved and wedged that large leather couch (with its 2 recliners) around corners and through doorways until it was in place. Whew! The futon moved more easily into its temporary location in the living room (on its way out is the plan...).
I stood back and realized I really LIKED the big couch in the little office. And its buttery soft leather is comfortable and cushy. Looks good. Feels good.
He can even recline his feet to watch TV or be on the computer.

A short while later I walked into the living room and was stunned to see my husband sitting on the old futon, reading the paper. An unusual sight as he always enjoys this in the quiet and isolation of the office. I didn't say a word as he was in no mood to talk. If he had been a cartoon character there would have been a black cloud scribbled over his head.
The next morning I again discovered him on the futon. in the same spot,
working on the computer.
I commented that the plan was to sell the old futon and would I be expecting him
to go with it to its new home?
"Probably" was his mumbled reply.


He has since ventured into the office for some evenings to watch TV. I sweetly serve him pie and coffee on a tray and even join him for a spell. But the jury is still out and the verdict awaits. There is no compromise here, folks.
This is all or nothing.
Some changes are reversible, unfortunately.
I'm certainly hoping THIS is not one of those...
Looking at this couch, doesn't it look soft and inviting?
Maybe we should take a vote? Comments welcome.

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