"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Lost Art?

I have been writing and stuffing and addressing and stamping and stickering.
The time honored tradition of sending Christmas cards.
I can't help but ponder if I should eliminate all the effort. After all, with email and Facebook and Twitter and blogs, etc. maybe we should save a tree and stop this fussing...

But then I grow sad to consider no longer receiving cards from others.
Going out to the mailbox is a satisfying event when it holds messages from friends and family.
And I admire the vast array of cards:
some homemade, some glittery, some profound.
I keep the basket of cards and newsletters available all year. I pull out a different card every few days and remember the sender, praying for him or her.
Yes, sending Christmas cards is still definitely worth the time and effort!


In a time of prelit, tall, slim, full, etc artificial Christmas trees,
I must share a picture of the tree Josh and Kathleen cut down in the woods
across the road from their house.
The spruce here grow tall and sparse due to the cold and sunlight conditions.
Often they are so tall that Josh and Kathleen cut down the tree then have to recut the top 14 feet or so to bring in the house. This year they found this "small" one that was cut and used in its entirety. It's a Charlie Brown tree, that's true, but lots taller! And it's charming and the lights are on all day long to banish the many hours of darkness.

And, in my attempt at being artsy, here among the presents under the tree
is the best one of all!! Our sweet, new Abigail!

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