"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


No matter how organized I attempt to be, there will always be a random file in my life. The dreaded "junk drawer" in the kitchen of my growing years, the one I swore I would NEVER have in my own house. (sigh)
During the BIG MOVE from our New York house of 30 years to Texas, where the term downsizing was an understatement, I grew so weary of sorting and packing that I ended up with a box or two marked "Random". Jonathan ragged on me while unpacking those little boxes. But you know, that is just part of who I am. And I don't think it's a trait unique to just me, right? Be honest.
Today is the time for the blog to share an assortment of randoms. Pictures and ideas I think are blogworthy, but don't fit into any one category. Hope you like them...

I have about 100 photos of Mt. McKinley. Mainly because both last year and this we have been blessed to view its splendor without the typical shield of cloud cover. Are there really any words to describe the tallest peak in all of North America? If so, I don't know them.

People here are passionate about the natural world and don't mind sharing their feelings.

Had to stop and get a picture of this sign along the Parks Highway between Denali and Anchorage. In honor of my man, of course.

The coolest bike rack I've ever seen. Downtown Fairbanks.

Rumored to be the most photographed church in the world, this little Russian Orthodox Church sits high on a windy hill over Kachemak Bay close to Homer. The mt peaks in the distance are on the opposite side of the bay.

Wonder what his/her hobby is?

Typical of the way sled dogs are transported. The quality of these boxes can range from this one to steel, manufactured ones. The same set of doors are on the other side of these so that 10 dogs can travel. Tiny quarters for good-sized dogs, but they apparently don't complain. I guess they are used to curling up in balls in the snow and ice to sleep.

I was attracted to this little spot and wished I could have seen inside the guest room. Can you just imagine how adorable the inside is based on the entryway?
Spotted in the seaside town of Homer.

Barriers don't often stop my curiosity.

The Midnight Sun Balloon ride as seen from my apt window on a September evening.
I can only dream of the view from up there.

So, what do I do now????
Kathleen and I laughed, watching this gull try to swallow a star fish. He folded 2 arms in his mouth and then got stuck. I wonder if his friend is offering advice or waiting for the inevitable spitting out. We watched and waited a long time and finally left without seeing the resolution. Sort of like the monkey with his fist in the small-mouthed peanut jar.
How many times do we make greedy decisions that don't really benefit us at all?

These photos make me happy.
I'm rethinking randomness as actually a quality of a creative and inquisitive mind.
Like these pictures, not all of life fits in neat boxes. Agree?

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