"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back in Texas, y'all

I have returned to Texas for some R & R, reconnections with friends and family,
and the filling of my love tank by my sweet grandbabies.
(We won't mention the shock of passing 3 time zones in 13 hours and starting the day at 40 degrees and ending it at 90. Those are just common adjustments we make for the advantage of air travel.)

Found my dear husband tanned and fit. He handled his months of bachelorhood without any problems. He feels confident enough to wear his Apple shirt that reads, "Ask me anything" but smiles to admit he may not have all the right answers. But he sure looks good to me!
So does my precious Shoeless Joe who, upon seeing me at the Austin Airport, jumped up and gave me the biggest and tightest hug ever. But then, in his excitement, ran over to give an enthusiastic greeting to some random strangers waiting at arrivals, as well.
As Hillary reminds us, Shoeless is "made of love".
(And he's not bothered by whether or not he knows the recipient of his affections,
this fickle little dog.)

Made it home just in time to celebrate my little grandson's 3rd birthday.
Jack and I picked him up from preschool and I was blessed by his happy surprise at seeing "Grandma!" Then we had such fun taking him to the dollar store to pick out ANYTHING he wanted. Cash deliberated quite a serious while before selecting a little multi-pack of matchbox car wannebes. It was wonderful to watch him think and delight in his choice.

Boy, I wish they'd had those stores when my children were young. I would have loved to seem so generous by not checking pricetags on their chosen things. Just wave an arm and offer to buy any one thing. Wow, they'd have been thrilled!

I joined Kelly, my daughter-in-law, to pick Gigi up from her kindergarten class and her bubbly excitement was just as thrilling to this Grandma's heart.
What can compare to these sweet hugs and kisses? (Particularly when clean and sweet-smelling right from the bath!)

Here's the birthday boy in a sugar coma after eating the frosting off of several cupcakes.

And big sister sparkling with the excitement of the party.
I'm thankful for phone calls and ichats, but man, it's great to be a present Grandma again!

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