"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wedgewood's abundant flowers

The next few blog posts will be some of my favorite pictures, but definitely the most challenging to post. The flowers of Fairbanks are so outstanding that my little camera seems to fly into my hands of its own will.

Thought I'd begin with the grounds where I live. This complex is a combination of long-term rentals like travel nurses and short-term for people on the land portion of cruises that come on the large tour busses. It is called Wedgewood.

The lawns and gardens are maintained beautifully. Weddings and special events are often held in the conference area on weekends. There are several lovely gazebos tucked around the buildings. My mother and I spent a sweet morning just roaming around, admiring it all.

Planters near the buildings were overflowing with color and variety.
How nice to sit on this bench and take it all in.

As the summer weeks progressed, these hanging pots grew so large that I wondered if they may come crashing down with the weight. Kathleen didn't seem to worry.

It's not the types of flower, but the colors and sizes that amaze me.
Some of them seem to just glow with their own inner light.

The snapdragons grow to 3 feet tall.

Begonia grew larger than softballs.

Just the simple walkway that I take daily.
The beauty of the foliage forces me to pause and reflect,
forgetting any worries that may have dragged me down and lifting my spirit.

Out by the lobby entrance once again. So full and pretty.
If I was a poet I could be inspired to write a good one right here!

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