"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sure Signs Blowing In on Warm Breezes

In Central Texas, our Hill Country area, spring is in the air.
Oh, she is a fickle one, as usual.
Some days, like today, she twirls in on tiptoe,
embracing us with open arms.
As she spins, the warm, soft breezes surround us in silk.
Yet tomorrow she may scurry around the corner and hide,
dropping temperatures into a chill that pulls sweaters from the closet once again.

But, there is evidence she will soon stay.

Grasses are turning green and soft.

Easter lilies are reaching out of the dark to greet the sunshine.

 And today I saw my first dandelion!

 Birdsong fills the air most of the day.
The new songs, the cheery, "Let's make a nest together!" 
lighten our hearts.
I can see plenty of pairing up among the tree branches.

 The birdbath is a busy place with at least one feathered friend bathing or drinking at any time.  
There are two here if you look closely.
A cardinal and finch.
(The concrete bird doesn't count.
Sometimes the others sit on him.)  

There is happiness on days like this.
I won't go on about "cedar fever", the one blight on January.
The cough, itchy red eyes, runny nose...
That's enough!
This is a time for rejoicing!
Spring is in the air.  
Oh, and God bless me.

All this said...

I wrote this post one week ago.
Talking about Springtime "hiding"--
I'm afraid she has crawled in a deep hole.
It is cold.

I know that if any of my New York friends 
were to read this, they would shake their heads.
"You call that white dust SNOW???
I know.  I really do. I remember.
But, this IS Central Texas, after all,
and those pics at the top of this post--
well, that's what it should be looking like!
Birds singing, dandelions, Easter lily shoots...
As I tuck away my mittens this evening,
I am reminded of my own description...
Spring is a fickle girl.
The weatherman predicts 75 degrees by Friday.


  1. Humm, Here I am just hoping for above zero for the start of the yukon quest on Saturday. But when you have family in central texas it sure is fun to visit those warm days!! Wish I could visit this year. Enjoy each one of those spring days.

  2. Sharon, I would welcome your warm weather anytime compared to what we have had. I'm not complaining, our winter is flying by really fast! Mother Nature can sure be unpredictable!

  3. Your house looks chilled from the outside... good thing you opted for the fireplace inside! Can't stop thinking about that stupid RAT!
    Love you!