"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Everlasting Poinsettia

My mother, in an act of generous kindness,
selected a poinsettia from the large display in her church 
to bring to our home for Christmas.
She searched among many to find the prettiest one.
It is lovely!!!

The day she brought it to our front door was chilly so we both rushed to keep it warm, handling its tender leaves carefully.  
I placed it in a prominent place in my house 
and kept it watered.
 I watched for the tips of the leaves to darken 
so I could trim them as needed,
maintaining the beauty of the plant as long as possible.
Even as the holidays were passing.

We planned a trip out of town for a few days so, before departing, I made sure our thriving plant was watered and free from drafts.
We returned home and I tackled the trimmings with vigor.
Climbing, crawling, packing--decorations and tree relegated back to storage.
I was quite pleased to see the brightness of the poinsettia 
had not dimmed.  Not one bit. 
 No drooping. No leaf dropping.  No shriveling.
I had never seen such a vibrant, long lasting plant.
I decided to dig around in the soil and among the inner leaves as I once again watered.
I noticed the stems felt particularly firm.
Peculiarly firm.
Then reality hit me in the head!
I began to laugh aloud,
standing alone in the foyer.
This plant, in all its splendor, was fake!!
Fake, I tell you.

I was still laughing when I called my mother.
She had just learned the truth that past Sunday at church.
We laughed together.
We decided I should keep the pretty plant,
displaying it each Christmas holiday to come.
And the story and laughter will brighten our home 
as much as the vividness of the red blossoms.
Maybe even more.


  1. haha. That is a better story than then one where my wedding flowers were beautiful after my week long honeymoon. At least your flowers weren't beautiful due to hot steam in the house. You know, that is the safest flowers to have around. Always was afraid of them as a child when you told me they were poisoned. .

  2. How precious & what a beautiful memory for years to come when you take out your stunning poinsettia to display her freshness during the Christmas season. Just loved it & it made me laugh as well.