"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Monday, October 21, 2013

Who Wouldn't Like a Little More Cash?

I was just looking over the post I wrote about
my little buddy and grandson turning 6.
Although I like the pictures of him as a toddler,
I felt I didn't give much description of him as the great little boy he is today. 
So, I'm letting you see a bit of the funny, creative fellow he really is.


Cash likes to build things.
He is crazy about legos.
With the help of his dad, he completely assembled this wooden tow truck in one sitting.
This takes concentration and patience, which he has.

 But another moment he is filled with energy
and goofiness!  Such a clown!

 To blow out all these candles
takes a very BIG breath.

 Hold that thought!
Time to make a wish.
Wishes are serious things when you get one per year.

 He didn't want to rush such a momentous time
as pondering his wish. 
The candle wax was melting onto the frosting. 
(I noted a tinge of blue to his cheeks, I'm afraid.)

Wish completed, the big huff and puff took out all 7 candles.
Seven, you say?
Why, of course.  6 for his years and 1 to grow on.

 And being 6 and all that hype that goes with the age,
the Birthday Boy entertained us with a goggle show.

 And since one pair got a laugh from his audience,
might as well go for two.
That's our funny man.
One can never have too much Cash, after all!

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