"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Umpire's Wife

I know what you are thinking--
today is Halloween and this is a costume
of a scary man.
Sorry.  No.
This is my husband.
He may be scary and mean to some--
like the boys standing with a bat at home plate.
But this isn't a Halloween costume.

You see, I married an umpire.
He wasn't always an umpire.
He was a coach for quite a while.
That was nice.  I knew the players on the team and cheered them on. 
I sat alone, however, as I really didn't care to 
hear the backseat coaches (parents)
 murmur their criticisms.

But then he became an umpire.
The least loved person on the baseball diamond.
No matter which decision he makes,
half the people playing or watching the game disagree.
And are unhappy.

 He shared that he likes me to come to his games.
Probably because he wants someone on his side.
So I go.  Sometimes.
Once again I try to sit alone.  Out of earshot.
I don't know the teams.
I don't know the players.
I don't know anyone but the umpire.
I watch him and this is the view I get.

 Or this one.
He enjoys his time on the field and I like seeing that.
And I've never heard anyone call out, "Kill the umpire!"
Not even close.  They are nice crowds, for the most part.

But there are subtle ways that civilized people 
can get their point across.
This sign pointed to a row of parking.
All the umps were there, talking and strapping on equipment.

Then I noticed another sign, posted on the fence
exactly where the umpires were told to park.
Maybe not quite so subtle.
"Strike three!  Yer OUT!"

Said umpire just read this blog and requested that I include a little poem he learned somewhere.
It helps define the tough skin needed to do this job:

An umpire is a lonely man.
His calls are known by every fan.
No one calls him Henry or Sam,
They simply call him names.


  1. Hi Friend! I have wandered away from your blog for some months, and finally found my way back this evening, catching up on all that has transpired (in words & pictures) since my last visit. I'm glad that you have continued your musings... I find great joy in reading them, and sharing your joys! We are closing in on one full year in our newly built home... hard to believe!! The days pass quickly, and we seem to always have a project or task to occupy our time. Still no grandchildren for us, but I so love to see the pictures and happenings with yours. Life is so good and blessed, and we are delighted to have our kids within 1 1/2 (Christy & Mike) and 2 1/4 (Brian) hours drive... by far the closest we have been to them in years! Enjoy your beautiful Fall (my favorite time of year!) and a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. That is hilarious about the parking sign for umpires in the area of the the fly away balls! Good observation!

    Nice post-