"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

cash is 6

Cash, you have turned 6!
How did that happen so fast?

At 6 you are strong and smart and funny.
I see that charming sparkle in your eyes.

Of course, as your grandma, it was just "yesterday"
that you visited our house and drooled your way into
my heart.

When you turned 1, 
Gigi helped me bake you a special cake that 
(sorta) looked like a baseball.
I think you liked it!

Even as a babe, you brought fun and joy into our lives.

As grandparents, we get to relive our childhoods
in a much more carefree way than parenthood allowed.
Like enjoying the way the wind is in our hair as the little train chugs through the park

and relishing the taste of peppermint candies that
should rightfully have been put ON the little gingerbread house.

From a young age, visits to our home meant watching for the deer and wildlife 
that roamed the woods and fields out back.
You always get excited to see our animals
and have learned to reign in your enthusiasm and be nice and quiet so they aren't frightened away.

And digging in the dirt.  
That is real boy stuff, right Cash?
You could correctly name all the different diggers
and big equipment before you were 3, 
teaching this old grandma such things.
Since new houses are always being built here,
we make time to visit construction sites and
watch your joy over the noise and sounds.

Actually sitting up high in one of those trucks is serious
business.  Wonder what you're imagining?
Garbage trucks are your favorite and whenever a visit
ends up on Friday morning you patiently wait out in the driveway in your pajamas for a long time.  
Once, when you were younger, I asked you what you were doing, you answered,
"Listening for the garbage truck, Grandma.  
It's coming soon!"
Your patience was rewarded when the workers honked horns and waved and called to this little fellow in his footie pj's, making your day!
And I'll bet your smile made theirs, as well.

Cash, you are my favorite parade buddy.
You add extra spark to fun things I love to do.

Your enthusiasm and laughter lighten my world.

Only one problem:
you have a habit of growing up too fast. 

I love being included in your adventures.
I love being your grandma.
You are my favorite 6-year-old!
Happy birthday, Cash Man!

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  1. WOW CASH! You are getting Big so FAST! This is a very happy post- I love all the fun pictures of Cash on his adventures!

    Love Aunt Hillary