"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Things are Bigger in Houston----Where??????

Moving on down the road in British Columbia,
we headed more east than south, pulling away from the Alaskan coastal border.
Getting near the town of Houston, we saw this sign.
Houston and wild horses--could we have arrived in Texas overnight????

Oh, but of course not!
Houston, BC, is nothing like Houston, TX.
For one, it has huge, thick pine trees everywhere.

For two, it is the home of many, many Grizzly bears.
This big fellow now stands in the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center.
He weighs 975 lbs and "stands 11 feet when erect".
(Though, to be honest, I think his standing days are over.)
He spent much of his life in Hungry Hill, near Houston, and is known as
one of the phantom bears that had been killing livestock in the area.
We even picked up a flyer listing all of the warnings to alert people
on how to try to avoid bears, including:
garbage disposal, composts, beehives, barbeques, fruit trees and pet food.

This area around Houston is full of lakes and fly fishing.
Jack is posing with the "world's largest fly rod".
So tall I couldn't get the whole thing in the picture and still have
Jack recognizable. You'll just have to imagine its massive height
and be amazed... Are you????
I guess everything isn't ALWAYS bigger in Texas.
Sometimes the biggest things are in Houston......... British Columbia.

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