"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Monday, October 31, 2011

Sweet Seattle Days

Seattle, Washington--far more than just a via point on our journey.
Seattle is home to family.
Just letting that word roll on your tongue is akin to sweet candy.
("akin"--a pun for sure)

What a terrific few days spent with my brother, sister-in-law and nephew--
laughing, discussing, card-playing, sharing jokes, eating...
and TALKING! Talking in New York style--how I love that!
The interrupt one another, raise the volume, use hands for emphasis,
change subject often but usually return back for another point or two
kind of conversations that get my blood churning.
Invigorating discussion! Passionate! No limitations on subject matter!
All talking and listening simultaneously while no one gets their feelings hurt
waiting for their "turn" to speak.
This is my innate way to talk and, though I don't live where others use this
particular technique, it bubbles up with freedom and exuberance in a setting like this.

We shared thoughts, sought and gave advice, and bathed all our conversations in love.

We enjoyed a beautiful Seattle sunset while eating at a marina
and wondering what life would be were we to own one of these boats.

We appreciated the sunset on Mt Rainier and Puget Sound,

and shared many miles of walks together.
Here, brothers-in-law study a salmon hatchery area.
When families live their lives so scattered and connect only once every
few years, like we do, it's a wonder to recognize the bonds
that do bind us together.
It truly is an amazing gift to know the love of family.
Kindred spirits of distant kin.
I thank God we have them.

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